2023-12-15 (F) Weekly Summary

I redrilled the holes to clear polyurethane and splinters, then mounted the screen and MIDI sections with black hex socket bolts. I sketched a shape in CAD to get measurements for the enclosure. I will use Bluetooth instead of wired speakers to simplify the build.
Faceplate with screen and MIDI

I wired the yellow user-facing pushbuttons. The existing switches had wires to one of the new switches to keep the stock units functioning.
Buttons wired up

I was waiting for some parts to arrive so I diverted from the EWC_Cyberdeck project for a bit.

I had a boombox that took D-cell batteries but I wanted something rechargeable. I cut some PVC pipes to make tubes that fit into the compartment and filled them with an 18650 cell and a step-up regulator to get the necessary 6V.
Rechargeable boombox battery tubes

This gyroscope is one of the prettiest things I ever built, but it was barely functional. The stabilizing structures turned this into an impeller, so instead of spinning freely, the device spun out quickly and moved a lot of air.

I made a collapsible and inexpensive UV oven based on an Instructable. The enclosure was an insulated tote with a reflective liner. The lights were some known-good UV strip lights. I used an Alexa-compatible plug, which lets me turn it off with a timer.
UV resin-curing lights

My previous wearable keyboard had a broken spot on the neck where the wood was thin. I redesigned the area to provide more structure. I cut the pieces, painted, and assembled everything. Now, it is more dependable, and I feel comfortable wearing it around.
Sturdy repair

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