2023-12-12 (Tu) 24EngGyroscope COMPLETED

When I worked on the GrinderCompass MKII, I made a lot of miniature frames with spinning metal inside that was essentially a tiny gyroscope. I thought building a low-friction gyroscope with the laser cutter might be fun.

I started with brass parts for the bearings. The cups were brass nail heads with the cleats trimmed off, and I soldered some 1/8" brass round stock to the tip. I rounded the ends, but that is optional. The spikes were M3 standoffs that I sharpened by loading an M3 threaded rod segment into a rotary tool, placing the brass at the end, then turning it while holding sandpaper and a hacksaw blade to the parts I wanted to reduce.
Metal parts

The first version was a spoked wheel, but the M3 nuts held it at an angle, so it wobbled horribly. I did not try different nuts, so I immediately revised the design. That was a mistake.
Crooked spindle

The later revision was gorgeous. Instead of relying on tiny nuts to hold the spinner, I pinned it from the top and bottom with elegantly curved spokes held in wooden discs. The center disc sat level, but when I spun it, the vertical spokes generated a lot of wind, ultimately just a lot of drag. I could have revised the design further but I created a beautiful conversation piece.

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