2024-02-28 (W) AugLim RADARBadge Badge shaped PCB

2024-02-27 (Tu) AugLim RADARBadge Diode and motor test

2024-02-26 (M) AugLim RADARBadge Less-than-ideal concept

2024-02-25 (Su) ChonkyLockPick COMPLETED

2024-02-24 (Sa) ChonkyLockPick 3D model

2024-02-23 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-02-22 Counter Dials COMPLETED

2024-02-21 (W) Gravy Shock Card game box prototype COMPLETED

2024-02-20 (Tu) Gravy Shock Rule cards and back

2024-02-19 (M) Gravy Shock Unusal cards

2024-02-18 (Su) Gravy Shock Carrier deck cards

2024-02-17 (Sa) Gravy Shock Ship Status cards

2024-02-16 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-02-15 (Th) Gravy Shock Meteoroid Field cards

2024-02-14 (W) Gravy Shock Meteoroid Field card back

2024-02-13 (Tu) Gravy Shock Gameplay options

2024-02-12 (M) Gravy Shock Meteoroid Damage cards

2024-02-11 (Su) Gravy Shock Cutting and painting the experimental damage counters