2024-02-03 (Sa) Gravy Shock Recutting stamps

The stamps I made for the last card game were what most people expect from a rubber stamp with words. The mirrored letters stuck out and left an impression of those letters, but my last ones were not reversed, so the inked letters were backward, and instead of placing ink in the shape of letters, there was negative space forming words. I looked back at my old files to see how I made the drawing, and the secret was a region around the letters that I could "Fill", and then a second layer to cut along the outer edge. I modified the recent drawing to follow this model and started the engraving. The computer estimated it would take 2.5 hours. The result looked great! I changed the outline to cut six times instead of three, and the laser nearly got through the rubber.
Prominent letters and deep cuts

Files on GitHub.
Interactive 3D houseboat model.

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