2024-01-16 (Tu) AugLim RADARBadge Second layer and cleaning

The last board had such ragged edges that it took as long to clean as it took to cut. I ran the machine in manual mode to test different feed rates. Last time, the machine ran at 250mm/min, so I lowered it to 100mm/min, then 50mm/min, but they all produced terrible burrs. I went the other way and tried 400mm/min, then 600mm/min, and the higher speeds made cleaner cuts. This was great news because it meant I could cut traces faster.

I made a mirror image of my coils, translated them to G-code, and ran the machine at 600mm/min. It went quickly, but the edges were still awful. They may have been a touch cleaner, but I will try 800mm/min next time.
Still rough edges

Instead of hacking away at the loose copper with the back of a razor blade, I used a rotary tool with a wire brush bit. The burrs flaked off quickly and cleanly, so I repeated this on the other layer, and both sides looked much better.
Two clean boards

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