2022-03-04 (F) Weekly Summary

The sensing algorithm was awfully touchy, so I required the triggering distance to be at least 3/4 of the smallest length I measured in the setup. I ran out of memory on the inexpensive boards, so I'll have to upgrade to use the LCD, addressable lights, and serial communication.
Not enough memory in the MH-Tiny units

I drafted a schematic for an Arduino Micro, which has ample memory according to my measurements, and I had some on hand. This prototyping board uses a more practical copper pattern.
Update schematic

I followed my schematics and built a board. This one features a right-angle connector for the LCD and a long row of sockets at the bottom where I can attach devices through prototyping wires. I don't usually use these for building, but I'd like it if someone could replace broken parts without me.
Nice install

To get some real-world testing, I brought my device to the gym. Instead of working toward the full-fledged system, I started with a single-position start/stop line. I received a lot of erratic behavior, but I fixed it by ignoring the zeros that the system returned for a bad read.
Field testing

I played with the lights and created "Running" and "Race finished" animations that look like landing lights and revolving lights, respectively.

The hardware seemed to be under control, so I built a second prototyping board. I avoided uninsulated wire, but I should have spaced things out more.
Second unit working

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