2022-03-08 (Tu) RemoteFinishLine Laser upgrades in the code

I trimmed my PCBs with bench shears to fit into the plastic enclosures, but I won't install them until I have the hardware sorted. After cutting the circuit board, I added a jumper between the severed parts of the Vcc bus, then made a solder bridge to the ground in the portion that used to connect to the distance sensor, so now it will accommodate the laser module.

I revised the code to eliminate the distance sensor functions and replaced them to read the laser module's output. It didn't work as expected, so I instructed the onboard LED to follow the laser's state and realized it used sinking logic, which goes low when the output is positive. I made a few other tweaks, and now the screen reads "  Laser error   " if it doesn't see a reflection when I want to start the race. As a single-unit timer, it seems to work.
Laser activating race sequences

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