2022-03-11 (F) Weekly Summary

I brought my finish line back to the gym, but I added some functions to measure distance continuously and send the data to a serial port where I could view it in real-time. With help from my gym mates, we discovered that the ultrasonic sensors wouldn't sense clothing, and I'll need an alternative.
More real-world testing at Fight or Flight Academy

I bought a couple of laser sensing modules and tested them with and without their lensing units. A module without a lens will sense my pasty skin at approximately 30cm (1 foot), but it needs optics to see objects farther away.
Determining laser responsiveness

I found some plastic reflectors at a hardware store and reflective tape. I tested them with the laser modules first, and a bit of flash photography confirmed that the retroreflectors are more effective than the tape.
Reflector candidates

The program needed tweaks to recognize the laser instead of the ultrasonic distance sensor. Modifying the code was easy enough, and I got it to time races again.
Laser module integrated with the programming

It was time to take a break from the finish line project, and I went to my PrandomBeats hardware. I've been publishing TikTok videos daily, but I'd like to use more sounds than the MIDI library built into cheap instruments. I bought a sample pad and a wireless SD card to add sound clips.
PRandomBeats may get new sounds

I experimented with different ways to transfer files. My best bet seems to be uploading many sounds and configuration files then reprogramming my drum machine to only focus on eight instruments at a time. I had a bunch of trouble with corrupted samples, but I could have overloaded the machine.
File to update wirelessly

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First time here?

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