2023-04-21 (F) Weekly Summary

For Grindfest2023, I am making merit badges because the theme is scouting. My fiance suggested merit badge rewards, which I volunteered to be in charge of. I chose wood because it is inexpensive and quick to produce many. I mocked up a campfire design and tested it on bare and painted wood.
Testing with paint and finish

I liked the size and shape, so I began producing graphics. I made gender badges, which we will give freely upon arrival. Some others include cleaning, sleeping in a hammock, and being a guest lecturer.
The first fifteen badges

I kept going and nearly doubled the count. I added things like making a supply run into town, a couple for music, art, and whimsical things like gambling, EKG, and a chess piece. I am having fun with this.
Now up to twenty-eight badges

I did not want bare wood badges, but painting took a long time, and if I screwed up a painted board on the laser, I had to wait all over. I tried cutting wet paint and painting immediately after cutting. I was surprised that applying paint after the laser looked the best. Lasering wet paint worked perfectly well but noticeably singed the surface.
Ignore the flaky paint

I built a couple of crude badges with lights. They used patterns cut into the wood to weaken it and act as springs holding coin cell batteries. I ran aluminum tape from the battery terminals to the lights, where I poked through. Both lights were wildly inconsistent, so I must improve the tape-LED connections.
Light-up prototypes

I bought a small electric screwdriver, but it did not come with a convenient case, so I made one on the laser cutter. It has room for all the bits, a second set, and half again as many. The lid attaches to steel nuts with magnets at the corners.
Laser-cut screwdriver case

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