2023-04-29 (Sa) PhoneRobot Programming and touch emulator testing

I added modes to the program so I could isolate functions. I changed modes with the left and right buttons. In mode0, I could position the servos manually, and the four vertical buttons enabled the touch emulator. The top button repeatedly tapped as fast as the phone could react, the next down was half that fast, and the third down was half again. The bottom button kept the touch emulator engaged so long as the button was depressed. In mode1, the pushbuttons did the same thing, but I could move the arms freely because the servos were disengaged.

Mode2 traced a diamond pattern while triggering the touch emulator, which should throw a curveball in Pokémon GO. When I tried this in the game, I had no luck, so I placed a phone running a drawing app into the device.
Tracing a curveball

I recorded the pattern at different speeds, but the result was consistent except at the highest rate. The touch emulator would not reliably trace a complete track, so the game would not make a good throw.
Speed trials

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