2023-04-14 (F) Weekly Summary

I decided to incorporate a living-hinge top and bottom. I drafted several patterns in CAD, but the snake pattern provided flexibility and strength to hold the central bolts and keep the spinner moving without rattling.
Elastic top and bottom

I designed a flexible mount to bounce a brass screw, which I intended to position so it could tap on the spinner whenever the enclosure faced north. I botched the design because it was too large, but it may still have merit.
Suspended machine screw

I successfully made a haptic compass. I drafted a flexible mount to suspend a screw over the exposed magnets, so whenever the device pointed north, I could faintly feel the two metal pieces colliding. I want a stronger sense of feedback, but I have proven the feasibility.
First functioning haptic compass

I improved the feedback by dangling a brass washer over the spinner. The impact feedback was more noticeable, and responded even if the spinner was not moving. The drawback was that the brass nuts and bolt suspending it added a lot of noise. To prevent feedback when facing south, I offset the spinner magnets so the south-facing side is lower.
Brass washer tapping an offset spinner

I am calling this prototype finished. I plan to do more, like miniaturize, but I will wait. My last test was to replace the spinner's rectangular magnets with circular ones so the washer could ride over it easily, but it reduced the feedback.
Working haptic compass

I consolidated the files someone would need to copy this project and uploaded them to GitHub. I took pictures of a case and spinner, then added labels to make demonstrations easier.
Case with labels

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