2023-04-10 (M) GrinderCompass First functioning haptic compass

I revised the central spinner to be shorter and expose the magnets, and then I drafted a peculiar-looking bracket to suspend a brass machine screw over the bare magnets. I drew it with many flexures to encourage a bouncing motion. Cutting was difficult, and the product was so fragile that I broke the first one during extraction. The rest survived but took a long time to free with a steady hand and scalpel. The design was too rigid to allow much tapping, but in the picture, you can see where a brass screw's head rests gently on the exposed magnets. If I swing the compass so the case points between east and west, I can feel and hear the screw and spinner colliding! The device is technically a haptic compass, but I want to increase the feedback sensation.
Brass screw held by spring

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