2023-04-07 (F) Weekly Summary

I revised my spinner design to a torpedo shape with all the magnets in a line. On either side was a pendulum with a cross member at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom support was horseshoe-shaped to avoid the bolt in the bottom of the mounting, but it stuck out too far. I added non-ferrous spikes to the top and bottom of the spinner to minimize friction with the bolts holding it upright.
Assembled and rotating

I made a third revision. This one is taller, so I added some interface rings to allow me to build a longer cage by stacking. I changed the pendulums to have strikers at the top and bottom, but they are bottom-heavy. I assembled it, but I still need improvements.
Rev3 in CAD

I went back to the drawing board for REV4. The long pendulums were causing interference at every angle, so I shortened them so they only protruded off the north-facing magnet. I switched to rectangular magnets for this model.
REV4 parts

I could not find a brass axle to hang the pendulum, but I had a steel nail, which worked all right. I made this model two levels high but picked a balanced pendulum that did not want to spin.
REV4 with a tri-lobe pendulum

The REV5 spinner encapsulates the magnets except for the ends because the pull will hold them in that direction. There are three holes on the sides. The central hole will have the axle, and the other two will keep the magnets from shifting when I remove the axle to swap pendulums.
REV5 Spinner

I built the REV5 spinner and was impressed by how well it worked. Tension held the wooden pieces together, and magnetism secured the magnets. I could swap axles without a problem. The current issues are the pendulum is too light and the spinner is not secure in the cradle.
REV5 parts

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