2023-04-11 (Tu) GrinderCompass Improved feedback

Yesterday's compass worked, even if the feedback was weak, so I kept it intact and cut new parts for REV8. From now on, the process will improve a known-good design instead of hunting for something that works.

The screw that tapped on the spinner was the area needing the most work. The tapper had minimal elasticity but did not sway east or west as I feared. I had trouble envisioning a new model, so I set to work on the spinner. I wanted a version where the north-facing magnets were higher than the south-facing. I took advantage of the attractive nature of the magnets and made the spinner parts as small bits keeping the magnets off the axle and pushing them off center.

My idea for a tapper was a 1/4" ID (6 mm) brass washer dangling from a machine screw. It relied on gravity, but the impact with the exposed magnets should be significant. I drafted a platform that could latch onto the side of the enclosure and let me slide a #6-32 machine screw up and down. I added a flat section to the interface ring and a spiral cap.
Parts for REV8

I assembled a new unit with nylon bolts instead of the usual brass, but they imposed excessive friction, or I drilled them poorly, so I swapped them back. The divots in these brass bolts needed to be centered better, which caused more problems than I assumed since they were less than two millimeters off-center. All the new parts fit well, and the small brass bolt was straightforward to position and tighten. It performed well, but the brass washer clanging on the metallic bolt and screws was distracting.
Brass washer tapping an offset spinner

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