2023-04-28 (F) Weekly Summary

Sometimes I get ideas which seem amazing, so I mentally develop them, but do not move beyond planning. Sometimes an idea gets stuck in my head, and the only way to expunge it is to build it. The PhoneRobot is the latter. I designed a faceplate with servo motors and hinged arms to position a touch emulator on a phone screen.
Parts for a PhoneRobot

I cut the pieces and installed the hardware, which all fit on the first try! I have four buttons in a D-pad arrangement, with a fifth in the middle and an extra below. At the bottom, I have a giant yellow arcade button, which will be the primary operator. The two potentiometers at the top are the most important.
Assembled but not wired

I wired up the pots and pushbuttons. I do not have anything protecting the wires, so keeping things tidy was more crucial than ever. I ran 30AWG everywhere, so they are fragile. I made a special harness for the servo connectors.
Soldered wires and switches

I began programming some basic servo motion. The two potentiometers control the arms, and I get numeric feedback over the data line. I recorded four positions, and when I pressed the arcade button, the servos cycled through them and traced a diamond pattern.
Tracing a diamond pattern

I tried to integrate the touch emulator, but it was finicky. I thought I could just run a ground and signal wire from the Arduino, but it also requires 24V and -12V. The square wave is visible on the oscilloscope.
Measuring voltage and signal

I wired the auto clicker into the system, but the Arduino triggers the touch emulator. I also connected the lights and programmed them to cycle through red, green, and blue.
Red and green lights

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