2014-06-03 (Tu) ESPeri.Impass

I've learned that it's no longer necessary to put two spaces after the punctuation ending a sentence. That's the way I was taught but technology says that's not the way things are heading. Trying to break this habit is going to be tedious because muscle memory hits the space bar twice after each period, question mark and exclamation point.

Enough background.

The bolt for the cross-member was removed along with all the brass nuts attached to it. The pointed bolts touching the spinner were also removed with their associated nuts. The aluminum pieces were bolted together to ensure alignment then the cross-member holes were drilled to ¼”. The ¼-20 brass cross-member bolt was installed along with 3/8” brass washers intended to be surfaces for the spinner to tap. It appeared the corners of the ¼-20 nuts provided adequate space to tap and the gap there may be narrowed due to the construction of the compass.

Two aluminum pieces bolted together after being drilled to 1/4"

Compass with larger cross member. Less slack is apparent

The unit was not tested outside of the metal working shop.

To do:

  • Grind a drill bit to have a steeper point
  • Redivot spacer
  • Test + Evaluate

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