2014-07-15 (Tu) NFC Chip Implant COMPLETED

You may have noticed a large black ring on my left thumb in some of the pictures. I mentioned it over a month ago on 2014-06-02. To catch up, I got the ring to test the waters before purchasing an NFC implant from Dangerous Things. I liked the ring and the security it provided so I bought the implant with an injector which arrived a few weeks ago. On Monday I arranged a time to have it installed on Tuesday with Shane at Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing in St. Cloud where it’s perfectly legal.

Shane also installed my finger magnet on 2014-04-13 and patched me up when I passed out.

Enough background

An implantable NFC chip was purchased from Dangerous Things which shipped weeks ago. The installation could not be arranged earlier with Shane Post of Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing due to an injury in his right hand. An appointment was made for 4:15 at the St. Cloud location.

Before the installation Shane reviewed the professional’s guide to installation and watched a video by Amal Graafstra installing a similar chip with a piercing needle and a taper.

The installation went smoothly with the sterilized injector from Dangerous Things. Minutes after the procedure I passed out for a few seconds. Within minutes I recovered but talked with Shane for thirty minutes and ate two glucose tablets and sipped water. It was agreed that next time the glucose would be taken before the procedure. Shane said the procedure was straight forward, simple, and likely to heal without complication.

Taken immediately after the procedure

 Hours after the procedure. Changing bandages

A similar chip lying over the position of the implanted chip

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