2014-09-13 (Sa) ESPeri.Impass

No significant feedback could be felt from the torsion spring tapping. The reason seemed to be the flex of the torsion spring between the inertial mass, the brass nut, and the tip touching the compass spinner was too great and the moment of impact was too long to send noticeable shocks.

The #4-40 nut was removed with a soldering iron and a #6-32 nut was put over the coil of the spring. The thin brass was trimmed so it no longer reached into the spacer. A short length of solid 1/16" diameter brass rod was cut and soldered to the side of the nut. The nut was placed back on the spring coil and positioned so that it would contact the reduced bolt on the compass spinner. The flexibility was reduced too far by putting the nut on the spring coil. Another spring could be wound or the tubular redesign could start.

 The #4-40 nut desoldered

Brass rod segment cut

Brass rod soldered to #6-32 brass nut 

Brass nut and rod installed on spring

To do:
  • Wrap longer spring with fine brass wire
  • Test + Evaluate longer spring design
  • Design tubular design with extension spring
  • Buy parts for tubular compass
  • Build tubular compass
  • Test + Evaluate tubular compass
  • Redesign, Rebuild, + Repeat
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