2014-10-06 (M) tDCS Unit

#6 nuts and bolts were found to secure the terminal blocks to the top of the milliammeter.

A sketch was made showing how the milliammeter was wired. The schematic was symbol rather than a rung diagram. The milliammeter box has not been tested using the terminal blocks.

Wiring schematic of milliammeter

A wide headband was purchased to hold the head electrode in place. An elastic band was used to hold the second electrode to the arm. Three word-find puzzles were printed and kept from view. Each puzzle was given complete concentrate for 30 minutes as timed by a smart phone timer app. The first puzzle was done without stimulation. The second puzzle was done under the mistaken assumption that the tDCS was active. The third puzzle was done with the tDCS active.
The first puzzle resulted in 38/40 words being found.
The second puzzle resulted in 37/41 words being found.
The third puzzle resulted in 32/38 words being found.

 Head electrode. The tDCS was off so the bewildered look is natural

Arm electrode

A metallic taste was noticed when the tDCS was activated which was precedented. A pinching sensation was noticed at the cathode electrode on the arm and a less noticeable pinching sensation at the anode electrode on the head. After 30 minutes the tDCS unit was stitched off and the electrodes were removed. The skin under portions of the arm electrode were discolored, irritated, and blistery. The salt water was rinsed away and a medicated bandage was applied. Similar, less severe, skin irritation was noticeable where the head electrode was placed.

 Skin immediately after removing electrode

Same location an hour after electrode removal

Skin near eye where minor irritation was noticed
No significant improvement was seen during the tests or evidence in the results. Any perceived change in mental acuity was likely due to the physical sensation of the electrodes. The ineffective and dangerous results suggested that no further testing should take place until more research regarding other people's tDCS experiences is completed.

To do:
  • Research other's experiences
  • Research electrode types and techniques

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