2014-10-08 (W) Adjustable tDCS

Plans for a tDCS unit with adjustable current supply, which stays below 2mA, were devised. A sketch was made in pencil then drafted on the computer. A part list was made at Digikey.com which includes needed except electrodes and electrode wires. The adjust resistor selected is 1-100 Ohms but a potentiometer of 0-50 Ohms would probably be sufficient. A 34 Ohm resistor will be put in series with the potentiometer so the current will not rise above 2mA even when the potentiometer is set to 0 Ohms.

Sketch of circuit

CAD schematic of circuit

To do:
  • Order enough parts to validate circuit
  • Add electrode wires from Amazon with 3.5mm jack
  • Change current regulator icon to look like TO92 case
  • Add 3.5mm jack + alligator clips to part list

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