2014-10-15 (W) tDCS Unit

A 75 minute conversation was had with the owner of twin-cities-transhumanists.org regarding feasibility of a local workshop using the design and parts from this build. It was also decided to provide al necessary tools for each participant and eliminate traditional soldering. A tool list was made. A parts list was also made. The parts list can be reordered at any time by the participants should any of them want to build another unit. They will keep all tools ordered for them so building a second unit will be familiar.

Tool list and consumables resource list

The blog posts were reviewed to make a very comprehensive step-by-step ordering of instructions each of which should have a single picture representative of the text describing that step. The steps totaled over 70 but are one action each so the skill level is low. The idea for eliminating traditional soldering started with the idea of using low-temp solder paste in place of traditional soldering irons and flux-core solder. Low-temp solder paste advertised as meltable by a match. A test joint was made by wrapping thin solar around a copper wire and a resistor lead. A lighter held below the solder was able to successfully make a solid solder joint.

 Page 1 of handwritten instructions

 Page 2 of handwritten instructions

 Page 3 of handwritten instructions

 Page 4 of handwritten instructions

Solder joint made with a lighter

The part list on Mouser was updated and saved in a publicly available project which makes it easy for anyone to order the Mouser parts all at once. This does not include electrodes, electrode wires, or a 9V battery.
Two sets worth of Mouser parts were ordered. The first set will be used to take pictures for an instruction manual. The second set will be assembled by a subject with minimal assembly skills to ensure the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

 Journal Page 1

Journal Page 2

The rest of the posts for this project have been arranged by date.

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