2014-10-24 (F) DIY Helping Hands COMPLETED

During the tDCS Unit build I noticed the most expensive tool was a Helping Hands unit, which are great and I use mine all the time. However, most people who do this regularly already have a set and those who don't do this often probably don't need a set. In other words, it's hard to justify making people spend that much money. I wanted to make a suitable replacement that would get the job done without breaking the bank.

Enough background.

Parts were gathered after an epiphany for an inexpensive alligator clip holder design.

  • Alligator clips with #4 bolt post. Very common size
  • Clipboard with flat clip
  • 16-14AWG ring terminals for #4-#6 bolts
  • 12" of galvanized steel wire
    • 12" is roughly the length of the long side of a clipboard
    • A 24" piece of wire was shown in the examples but was too long to be convenient
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Crimper. A pliers may work in a pinch (pun intended)

A ring terminal was placed into the crimper so the seam was nestled in the rounded part of the crimping jaws. One of of the galvanized wire was inserted into the ring terminal and secured with the crimper. Another ring terminal was put on the other end of the galvanized wire.

Placing the ring terminal in the crimper

A crimped terminal

Two crimped ends

A sharp bend was put in the middle of the galvanized wire then formed into a W-shape. The bolts were removed from the alligator clips. The ring terminals were fastened to the alligator clips using the bolts and a screwdriver. The W-shape bend in the wire was fastened under the clipboard clip and the wire arms adjusted as needed.

W-Shape in wire

Alligator clips with bolts removed

Alligator clips mounted on ring terminals

Flyby of completed project

The design allowed the unit to be stored flat and even removed from the clipboard so it may be used like regular. The surface of the clipboard makes a small workspace which protects the table underneath and the clip holds the wire in relation to the workspace unlike traditional tools which use a heavy base. 

To do:
  • Make into an Instructable

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