2014-10-29 (W) Finger Speaker Coil

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Enough background.

Following a thread on discuss.biohack.me a set of “Invisible Headphones” was modified to have an RCA phono connection between the amplifier and the coil. This was an unbroken wire. The wire was cut, stripped, and tinned before the female inline RCA socket was soldered to the amplifier end of the wire and an RCA plug was soldered to the coil end of the wire. The set was tested to ensure the connection was still good.

"Invisible Headphones"

Wire to coil being cut and tinned

Phono connectors on coil wire

The different coils were made from magnet coil wire. 150mm (6”), 1000mm (3’), and 3000mm (9’). The shortest length was wrapped around a felt tip marker barrel. The middle length was wrapped around a standard size disposable pocket lighter. The longest length was wrapped around the same felt tip marker.

 Three coils and their lengths

 Shortest coil being wrapped

 Medium coil being wrapped

Longest coil being wrapped

There was a negligible difference between the three coils. All three were tested with a foam earplug containing a magnet as well as two implanted finger magnets. The first implanted magnet was a silicone magnet designed by Steve Haworth. The second implanted magnet was a TiN coated M31 magnet sold by Dangerous Things. The most effective method and greatest range was seen with the standard coil included with the “Invisible Headphones.”

Grinding primer describing the magnet earplug

Different angles were tested with all coils and the most effective method was to wrap the coil around the palm three times and insert the implanted fingertip into the ear canal while moving the coil near the magnet and ear. Sufficient volume was obtained. Placing a sufficiently large coil behind the ear could be enough to provide sound when a magnet is brought close to the ear.

 Coil wrapped around hand

Coil held near ear

 Journal Page 1

Journal Page 2

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