2014-11-03 (F) Arduino Laser Tag

A basic design for a back-mounted unit was devised which would be durable, inexpensive, and easy to build or repair. The design was nothing more than a polycarbonate shield suspected over the elecronics. Materials were purchased. A piece of 8" x 10" (200mm x 250mm) polycarbonate was cut in half. 5" x 8" (125mm x 200mm). Two pieces of 1" x 6" wood were cut to size based on the polycarbonate sheets.

 Cutting polycarbonate sheets to size

Cuts of wood made to size of polycarbonate

An arc was traced on each corner of the wooden block using an ellipse template. Each corner was also marked for bolt holes. The holes were drilled through plastic and wood to 1/4" (5mm) and countersunk. The corners were rounded in the wood then the plastic was bolted to the wood and cut as well. Each side was sanded on a belt sander.

 Ellipse template and markings

Drill hole marking
 Drilling through plastic and wood

 Cutting plastic and wood

Sanding plastic and wood

A two position surface mount keystone box was installed by drilling small starter holes so the cables could enter unobtruded but the connection points would be protected. A second version was made with a larger arc on the corners. Padding was cut for each. Two coats of black paint were applied and allowed to dry.

 Padding marking for each piece

Props for painting
Preparing for second coat of paint

To do:
  • Order necessary parts
  • Build two working taggers
  • Update team colors with NeoPixels
  • Program for color screen
  • Make instructions for all parts

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