2014-11-08 (Sa) Arduino Laser Tag

PVC plumbing parts, plastic diss, and lenses were gathered to assemble and emitter tue capable of being adapted to the 1/2" enclosure hole. A suitable configuration was found so more 25mm lenses were ordered. Glass lenses were already owned so plastic biconvex lenses were ordered as well as a Google Cardboard clone with lenses which were presumably plano-convex (flat on one face and rounded on the other). A drawing was made to show the arrangement of parts but does not include electronics. The arrangement was tseted on the enclosure with long and short 1/2" PVC segments between the enclosure and emitter.

 Parts and diagram

Short tube, pistol style
Long tube, potentially rifle style if a stock is added

The plastic was loosely assembled then painted with a plastic compatible spray paint. By arranging the parts during the painting process only a little made a mess.

 Painted parts

Very minimal mess on my hand

To do:
  • Wire power to a terminal strip
  • Separate program into vest and tagger
  • Reprogram for NeoPixels and color screen
  • Build two test units
  • Make instructions for all parts

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