2014-11-12 (W) Arduino Laser Tag

A four-pack of corner brackets was purchased to hold the two large batteries in place on the two test vests. The brackets will only hold the battery from wobbling but a cover will keep it from falling out. The metal on the ends was cut away then the edges were ground down with a bench grinder and an angle grinder.

 First of two cuts with an angle grinder

Finished brackets

One set of brackets had corresponding pilot holes drilled in a vest and it was mounted. The battery was held and will not fall out when covered but it was not snug. Padding will be applied to the braces and vest to hold the battery firmly.

 Arrangement of parts before drilling

Mounted brackets holding battery

A 3/4" PVC coupler, a 45mm length of 3/4" PVC pipe, and an electrical enclosure were loosely fitted together and painted orange. The orange should alert observers that no weaponry is being used.

 Gloves. Use gloves when painting

Painted parts

To do:
  • Draft schematics
  • Create vest mount for controller, battery, and terminal strip
  • Build another test unit
  • Make instructions for all parts

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