2014-11-15 (Sa) Sinister Laser Tag Repeater

The repeater was examined and the receiver was not on a remote from the main unit. This did not affect the performance or operation but the schematics were technically inaccurate.

An IR (InfraRed) remote was tested by pointing it at a digital camera since IR shows up weakly as purple. Digital cameras which can easily see IR have no IR filter while consumer cameras have an extra filter installed. In this way IR cameras are easier and cheaper to build. Consumer cameras can be modified by removing the filter, to see IR. The repeater was tested by shooting the repeater's sensor and photographing the its emitter.

Working IR emitter as seen by digital camera

Low power IR LED which came with the repeater

The repeater was cut apart 12" (300mm) from the end of the emitter. The ends of the wires were stripped and tinned. The ends of the wire were attached to a 3.5mm socket with the striped, positive, wire on the tip of the phone and the ground on the sleeve of the phone. Much testing and different configurations were tested with some purchased remote extender units until one was dissected to reveal that the units were were receivers, not emitters, as assumed when they were purchased. A known emitter was tested which performed as expected. Since the purchased units were not emitters some will have to be constructed. IR emitters were already owned but 3.5mm male phone jacks have been misplaced.

 Cut up repeater

Repeater with 3.5mm socket soldered in place

Dissected RECEIVER

Working sinister repeater

Proof that the sinister repeater works

To do:
  • Purchase 3.5mm jacks
  • Build emitters
  • Add diodes to baseball cap
  • Test

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