2014-11-16 (Su) Sinister Laser Tag Repeater COMPLETED

I don't wear baseball caps very often and I don't own many. But I won this one in a contest at Instructables.com so I thought it was fitting that the cap be turned into a project.

Enough background

Two 3.5mm stereo male to stereo male cables were purchased in order to get four 3.5mm ends with cables. The cables were cut 8" (200mm) from the ends. The wires inside were tested for continuity and only the conductors for the sleeve and tip were kept while the conductor for the ring was trimmed short. High power IR LEDs were soldered to the ends of the cables and shrink tube covered each conductor.

 Cables and LEDs

LED soldered to cable
Completed LED cables

3/16" (4.5mm) holes were drilled in the brim of a baseball cap. Plastic ties were inserted into the holes so IR transmitters could be fastened to the brim facing forward. Holes were made in the hat near the temple and rear of the hat by pushing a scratch awl through the material. A large diameter nail would also work so long as it tapered gradually,. The IR LEDs were pushed through these holes then glued in place.

 Plastic ties and hat brim

Scratch awl pushed through cap
LED pushed into awl hole
Four LEDs in hat
Gluing LEDs into hat
Right front side of hat
 Right rear side of hat

Rear of hat

To do:
  • Test

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