2014-11-07 (F) Arduino Laser Tag

The holes in the bottom of the PVC enclosure were drilled according to the prescribed sizes except the anti-rotation peg holes for the handle which were drilled larger to allow some leeway. The pieces were put together but the nuts were only finger tightened since they still require paint.

Holes in the bottom of the enclosure

Scrap acrylic sheet was chosen as suitable for making LED mounting plates to go inside the emitter tubes. An adjustable circle cutting drill bit was set to cut circles the same diameter as the outside diameter of 3/4" PVC. Ten discs were cut. The discs had rough edges from melting which had to be chipped away and sanded smooth on a belt sander. The center holes was redrilled to 1/4" (5mm) to fit the LED holders.

 Cutting acrylic discs

Multiple discs

The emitter tube assembly needs to be redesigned to work with the available parts. Three tubes, 46mm, 46mm, 43mm, were cut from 3/4" PVC

Emitter tubes cut from 3/4" PVC

Enclosure, switch, and handle

To do:
  • Paint plastic parts
  • Redesign emitter tube
  • Wire power to a terminal strip
  • Separate program into vest and tagger
  • Reprogram for NeoPixels and color screen
  • Build two test units
  • Make instructions for all parts

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