2014-11-09 (F) Arduino Laser Tag

The painted parts were separated to dry paint between parts which was not exposed to air. The finish was very smooth, even and reflective.

Painted parts

A yellow wire was added to the vest unit going to the tagger so signals could be passed back to the vest controller. This wire was added to the I/O list of each controller.

 Yellow wire added to controller

Yellow wire added to RJ11 terminal

Yellow wire added to tagger unit

Yellow wire added to RJ11 terminal on vest unit

Wire added to I/O lists

The program from 2011 was opened and reviewed. The commenting from three years ago was thorough. A draft of the vest program was started from the 2011 program.

I/O list of vest program draft

To do:
  • Create vest mount for controller, battery, and terminal strip
  • Separate program into vest and tagger
  • Reprogram for NeoPixels and color screen
  • Build two test units
  • Make instructions for all parts

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