2014-11-18 (Tu) VU KickStarter

One month ago I went to 2014-10-18 (Sa) IoTHackDay. I met with a team of five and we made something cool. Marissa Sundquist was on my team and full of ideas. The idea of head-mounted screens was not new to her and now she is launching a KickStarter. I have been lucky enough to work with her and get a peek into the way she works on her projects.                                Relentless.

I have contributed time to her project by helping with product construction, consulting, and editing. I have also contributed financially because I think this is something that will be a great piece of technology and because it's going to be an important step to connecting ourselves without looking like technophiles.

Enough background.

The entrepreneur Marissa Sundquist asked for help spotting errors on her KickStarter page. A detailed report was made regarding changes to the page. The report was 923 words. Work with her VU project has been kept off the blog due to secrecy of her pending patent.

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2014-11-18 (Tu)