2014-11-30 (Su) Prismatic Stereoscopic Camera Adapter COMPLETED

Construction for this project was started almost a month ago and most of the hard work was done then. The last steps were simple but involved lots of watching glue dry. Which is marginally more interesting than watching paint dry because of the fumes.

Instead of publishing two days of "I glued a thing and then I dried the thing" I've combined the last two steps into a single day.

Enough background.

Day 1:
Super glue was placed on the cut edges of two prisms and pressed to the acrylic sheet cut to shape. The prisms were kept straight by holding them on a tabletop and pressing the acrylic sheet to them. The three pieces of plastic were clamped together and dried outdoors so wind currents would keep fumes off the prisms. Glue fumes can cause fogging on some surfaces.

 Glue on cut edges of prisms

Acrylic sheet pressed to prisms

Clamp holding prisms to acrylic sheet

Day 1 Journal Page

The last two prisms had glue applied to the cut edges the same was as the first two prisms. The acrylic sheet was flipped so the other prisms could lay flat on the same plane. Each prism was glued and clamped separately then placed outside to dry.

Animation showing the alignment of the prisms before gluing

Right prism glue in place

All prisms in place

Glue drying outside

The resulting prism array did not function as hoped. The image was distorted and blurry through the camera. This was due to the imperfect surfaces of the prisms. Mirrors may be a better option.

Resulting prism array

Cat/Prism test 1

 Cat/Prism test 2

Parallel lines test looks good

Day 2 Journal Page

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