2014-12-03 (W) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

Two of the ten wood blocks had the angled portions sawed off to make them the same width as the inside of the box. The other eight pieces were shortened on the long side using a table saw. This ensures the blocks are the same height, have a squared face, and are level.

Amount of material removed from 2x4
Height of cut 2x4 on left next to uncut 2x4 on right

The cut blocks were all set out to prove a good fit. Long wood screw were purchased and arranged roughly to show where they should be positioned while judging enough distance to allow the corners to be rounded. The screws were positioned one inch (25mm) from each side. Lines were drawn one inch (25mm) from each face to determine the intersection points. The blocks were clamped one at a time and the screw were driven in at the points where the lines intersected. Two screws were put at each corner.

 Arranged wood blocks
Screw positioning
Lines 1" (25mm) from edge

Clamped blocks and installed screws

When all eight screws were installed in each box the cross-members were placed halfway and two screws were driven into each end. The screws were each one inch (25mm) from the face of the top or bottom.

 Assembled frames

Installed cross-member

A list of the tasks fro the project was created but still has short, vague descriptions for some tasks such as "Program Arduino" which will likely be broken down farther as the tasks becomes more relevant. The list was 18 items long but the first six were completed today.

To do:
  1. Route corners
  2. Take measurements
  3. Paint
  4. Design light hood
  5. Build/print light hoods
  6. Build electronics
  7. Program Arduino
  8. Cut polycarbonate sheets
  9. Install polycarbonate
  10. Install switches
  11. Install light hoods
  12. Install electronics

 Journal Page 1

Journal Page 2

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