2014-12-09 (Tu) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

The Bounce2 library was imported to the project. The Bounce2 library was designed for debouncing mechanical switches but also includes functionality to sense rising edges and falling edges of switched inputs. The goal was to have colors of the Color/Touch change as soon as a button is pressed but not respond when it is held. This may change in the future if functionality is added to change behavior for long presses. The current algorithm for assigning random colors was used to show that the switch works as expected.

Button presses change all four light colors

The design of the light hood was changed from a spherical indentation to a parabolic indentation. The change may not be noticeable in the end product but the drafting experience and 3D printer experience is valuable. One print was damaged while removing it from the platen and also has a large gap in the bottom so it will likely be replaced. This was the first attempt to print the parabolic model and some modifications to be process have been made to reduce damage and undesirable print effects.

Seven of the eight light hoods to be printed

To do:
  1. Build/print all light hoods
  2. Build electronics
  3. Draft schematics
  4. Program Arduino
    1. Break up tasks
    2. Sketch pseudo-code
    3.  Write code for first switch and 4 NeoPixels
  5. Cut, install, and paint 1/4 round molding
  6. Cut polycarbonate sheets
  7. Cut light diffuser sheets
  8. Install switches
  9. Install light hoods
  10. Install electronics
  11. Install polycarbonate and light diffuser sheets

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