2014-12-30 (Tu) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

Scrap wire was harvested to make harnesses for three more switches. Rather than soldering the wires to female headers like the first switch they were all soldered directly to the proto board. This will reduce the change of losing a connection later. The other ends of the wires were each given quick disconnect crimp connectors. Scraps of four-conductor phone wire were cut for the rest of the NeoPixels but not soldered yet.

 Bottom of proto board and stripped wires

Wires with crimped ends
Wires cut for NeoPixels

An IR receiver and socket were added to pin 9 but no code is being written for this version of the device. The IR receiver is being considered as a future upgrade for switching modes rather than the reed switch.

Simple RGB controllers were researched as an alternative for a lower cost version of the Color/Touch. Rather than individually addressable lights like the NeoPixels the inexpensive version would use RGB strings and an inexpensive commercially available controller. One meter of lights and a controller were ordered.

To do:
  1. Build electronics
    1. Solder remaining NeoPixels
    2. Solder three more switches
    3. Solder power terminals for transferring power
    4. Solder terminals for accepting power 9V battery
    5. Add IR receiver socket
  2. Program Arduino
    1. Write digital output code for one or two sounds
    2. Immediately play sound at new mode if appropriate
  3. Cut and drill polycarbonate sheet
  4. Drill frame for wires
  5. Install switches
  6. Install light hoods
  7. Install electronics
  8. Install polycarbonate and light diffuser sheets
  9. Research inexpensive RGB controller for non-addressable LEDs
  10. Put code online
  11. Draft schematics
  12. Create instructions for project

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