2015-01-02 (F) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

A second piece of white laminated wood was cut to the same size and shape as the first and installed using a bracket found at the hack space. Once the brackets and wood were installed half inch (12mm) holes were drilled in each end of the 2x4 so wires could pass through. These wires were for the switches and lights. The first hole was drilled and caused blow-out so the second hole was drilled with a smaller bit first then drilled from each side to eliminate the blow-out.

Found bracket. Large and not ideal but acceptable

Drilling hole for routing wires
Blow-out from drilling

A second sheet of polycarbonate was purchased for this project. A table saw was adjusted according to the first sheet and a copy was made. The second sheet was drilled by holding the clear plastic over the frame holes and drilling the appropriate location. The same technique was used to drill the light diffuser sheet.

 Polycarbonate sheet and copy

Drilling diffuser sheet

To do:
  1. Program Arduino
    1. Write digital output code for one or two sounds
    2. Immediately play sound at new mode if appropriate
  2. Cut and drill polycarbonate sheet
  3. Drill frame for wires
  4. Install switches
  5. Install light hoods
  6. Install electronics
  7. Install polycarbonate and light diffuser sheets
  8. Put code online
  9. Draft schematics
  10. Create instructions for project

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