2015-01-04 (Su) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

The sound module was hooked up to a 5V supply and an 8Ω speaker was hooked up to the speaker terminals using the ribbon cable supplied with the USB <-> Serial programmer. The logical steps were taken to make a recording and play it back but no sound came from the speaker. Three different speakers were tried including a piezo element. Resources had conflicting information about the supply voltage. Some pages claimed a 3V to 5V supply range while others claimed more than 3V would damage the device. It was possible the pages claiming 5V compatibility used a voltage regulator not found on other boards. The website listed on the back of the board claimed 5V is acceptable. The datasheet said that 4.5V is the highest operating voltage but can withstand 7.0V. A replacement board was ordered to test on a second one.

Setup of sound module

To do:
  1. Program Arduino
    1. Write digital output code for one or two sounds
    2. Immediately play sound at new mode if appropriate
  2. Install polycarbonate and light diffuser sheets
  3. Put code online
  4. Draft schematics
  5. Create instructions for project

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