2015-01-13 (Sa) Color/Touch Sensory Panel

A meeting was set up with the person who conceptualized the Color/Touch. The prototype was presenting and critiqued. A list of eleven brainstorming points was created along with some resources including TheWorks.org. Enough information was collected to build a second prototype which will have a printed circuit board although it may only have a socket for an Arduino Pro Mini as opposed to an Atmel microcontroller and supporting components.

List of brainstorming points
Ten sound recording chips were ordered to make two new prototypes with five notes each. The sound chips will have one note each and will either be arranged in a scale or they will be the notes of a simple song which will play one note at a time as buttons are pressed. 50 lights were ordered but will require a capacitor (104) (0.1µF) which was located on an electronics components website.

This project name will be abandoned in order to differentiate between the next prototype and this version.

To do:
  1. Start a second prototype with new tasks.

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