2015-01-15 (Th) Color/Touch + Sound

The Color/Touch Sensory Panel used two different cuts of 2x4 lumber and four pieces of identical quarter-round edging. The Color/Touch + Sound used three different cuts of 2x4 lumber but all are modified from the original cut made using a jig as previously described. Each enclosure uses two of the pieces cut from the jig as they are. Two more pieces are made by cutting a 1/2" by 1/2" (12mm by 12mm) channel 1/2" (12mm) from the top edge. The fifth, and last, piece simply removes the 45° ends from the base pieces to make the cross-member.

Piece count for Color/Touch + Sound

The cross-member piece for each enclosure was cut by removing the ends of the base piece on a table saw. Material for three enclosures was being produced. The cross-members were practically identical and fit between some pieces laid out in the basic arrangement.

 Distance from fence to blade as gauged by a base piece

Using a sled to cut the pieces
Three cross-members cut neatly
The cross-member fits inside the arranged pieces

The table saw blade was lowered to 1/2" (12mm). The fence was placed 1/2" (12mm) from the edge of the blade. Six of the base pieces, two for each of the three enclosures, were cut on the shorter wide face near the top edge. The fence was gradually moved and the pieces ripped until a 1/2" (12mm) channel was cut in each of the six pieces. This could have been done with a 1/2" (12mm) router bit in one pass.

 Blade 1/2" (12mm) above the table

Fence 1/2" (12mm) from blade edge

Six pieces cut with a channel
The five pieces used for each enclosure
The five pieces arranged accordingly

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