2015-01-17 (Sa) Color/Touch + Sound

To pass wires from one side of the enclosure to the other holes in the cross-member were necessary. Lines were drawn which intersected 2" (50mm) from each edge and halfway up. These locations were piloted then drilled from each side with a 3/4" (20mm) Forstner drill bit. Appearance and size were not important since the hole would not be visible in the completed project. A hole was drilled in each end of the cross-member.

 Drilling a pilot hole 2" (50mm) from the edge

Drilled hole

The enclosure was assembled by clamping a channeled piece to a table and driving screws in from a base piece. All four framing pieces were assembled like this. Some unexpected angles in the cuts lead to corners with gaps but the structures were solid. The cross-members were assembled similarly but without pilot holes. Before driving any screws into the cross-member the frame was clamped to draw the edges closer to the cross-member and hold it perpendicular.

 Pieces clamped in place

Nearly assembled unit

The corners of the frame were rounded on a belt sander. The top was also smoothed on the belt sander to make painting easier and reduce rough edges.

Rounding the corners

Finished corner. Burn marks will be painted over

Two assembled frames

To do:
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