2015-01-20 (Tu) Color/Touch + Sound

Does it bother people outside the US that I use a period as a decimal mark? I will accommodate whoever speaks up.

Enough questions.

More corner braces were purchased. All braces were the same size to avoid confusion and to standardize parts. The new braces were bought with the intention of mounting a circuit board however the braces were much larger than necessary since they will have a minimal load. Brace size: 1 1/2" x 5/8" (38mm x 16mm).

Do you like how I used light glare to block the brand name?

The cross-members were marked 3" (75mm) from each end on both sides to act as centering lines for the corner braces. This was a mistake since the distance between braces will be used on the circuit board for mounting holes and an accurate distance is important. Instead, the holes should be 6.75" (171.45mm) apart and centered on the midpoint of the cross-member. The hole distance is more important than centering accurately. Corner braces were propped on a thin [3/8" (9.5mm)] piece of plywood so the circuit board would not rest on the back when mounted. The hole locations of the braces were traced and piloted. Each cross-member had four braces installed. The cross-members which had already been screwed into an enclosure were temporarily removed for the brace installation.

 Vertical lines 6.75" (171.45mm) apart

Braces propped on thin plywood
Piloting holes for braces
Four braces mounted on cross-member
Mounted brace at plywood height

Top-down view of enclosures

 Another view, also kind of cool

To do:
  1. Paint enclosures
  2. Plot out location of all lights for even distribution
  3. Create circuit board
    1. Designate all components
    2. Design schematic of components
    3. Design layout for single layer board

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