2015-01-14 (W) Color/Touch + Sound

A second prototype was started which uses a different method of holding the polycarbonate. This method doesn't involve screws and should further reduce the likelihood of someone prying off the cover. This method relies on tension and the flexibility of the polycarbonate held in channels rather than mechanical fasteners. Instead of layering light diffusing material with strong polycarbonate a durable light diffusing polycarbonate will be ordered when the correct size is known.

No drawings have been made of the enclosure but construction was started based n a mental image. The concept should be easy to modify based on the needs of the device.

A miter saw was set to 45° and accurately adjusted using a triangle. To reproduce the length of each piece a jig was made so the long edge of each piece would be 16" (406mm) or at least the same length as the rest. The jig was installed using a clamp built into the saw. Three 2x4s were cut into 16" (406mm) lengths by flipping the lumber after each cut so the pieces had a trapezoid cross-section as opposed to a rhombus. Enough pieces were cut to make three enclosures.

 Adjusting a miter saw to 45°

Making a jig from scrap wood
 Measruing a piece of wood for 16" (406mm) on the long side

Jig installed on miter saw

Completed piece is correct size
Completed pieces
Pieces arrange for three enclosures with four sides and one cross-member

To do:
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