x2015-01-13 (Tu) Color/Touch + Sound

Since the measurements had been taken for the plastic sheet to act as the light diffuser for the Color/Touch + Sound an order was placed. The selected plastic sheet was an impact resistant polycarbonate with a prismatic light-diffusing texture cut to size. Paying for the cutting service reduced waste on this side and eliminates any chance of a cutting error which would be costly.

Many of the issues experienced during the demonstration to the project conceptualizer were suspected to be related to battery power. The problems were
  • failing to operate for extended periods
  • intense flickering
  • unresponsive to input
A 6VDC power supply was salvaged from the hack space and used with the hardware and the problems did not resurface. The issue could have been with converting the 9VDC down to 5VDC, insufficient current or something else. The hardware was allowed to run for hours without ill effect.

The start up was changed to fade in and out of each color rather than intensifying each color then instantly turning it off. A video was made demonstrating this. A video of each mode was also made.

Start up

Mode 1

Mode 2

Mode 3

Mode 4

Mode 5

Demo Mode

To do:
  1. Create To Do list for Color/Touch + Sound

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2015-01-13 (Tu)