2015-02-07 (Sa) Color/Touch + Sound

The wire routing was removed since the small SMDs (Surface Mount Devices) would not route properly. The shape of the board was changed by following sparkfun's guide. The method was to erase the old border and replace it with an entirely new one on the correct layer. The wire command was used to draw the border then the thickness of the line was changed to zero to match the default appearance.

Shaped board

Looking for parts online showed that the correct cables for connecting the motherboard and daughterboard would be over five USD. Suitable cables were found on ebay for less than one USD. Header pins were found on a distributor site for a reasonable price but much less expensive if shipped from China with the cables. The parts were added to the BOM (Bill of Matierals) but the less expensive parts were ordered from China. The final BOM will show a link to the distributor's site but the prototype assembly will likely use the Chinese parts.

  1. Create circuit board
    1. Measure configuration and position of angle bracket holes
    2. Route board traces
  2. Make a parts list with links
    1. 6 count linking wires for motherboard<->daughterboard
    2. Sound 2x4 header socket
    3. 2 @ Motherboard<->Daughterboard 2x3 header socket
  3. Order parts list
  4. Print circuit board at home
  5. Install components 
  6. Test + Verify
  7. Print PCB professionally
  8. Make all documentation public
  9. Upload correct board layout to public PCB manufacturer

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