2015-02-12 (Th) ESPeri.Impass

This project has been offline for awhile now. It hasn't become unimportant but roadblocks and other projects have cropped up which are important to me. Most notable are the Color/Touch Sensory Panel and Color/Touch + Sound. A 3D printer helped restart my ambition toward this project.

Enough background.

A concept was created for a low-friction compass with high-impact feedback. The idea was to use a cylinder magnetized across its diameter hang from a ferrous point which should allow for easy rotation. The spinner would fall off the metal tip with any significant jarring, such as a footfall, but reattach itself quickly since there would be a small gap. The spinner would fall onto a base shaped so that there would be a cushioned impact unless the spinner was facing north in which case there would be a crisp impact of metal on metal.

Sketch of compass shape

OpenSCAD was used to draw a tube to hold the cylindrical magnet and a cap to seal the unit and hold a steel #4 wood screw. The first attempt had walls which were too thin and the inside diameter (ID) was too narrow. The second print had errors and was canceled. The third print should not have been hollow and some of the dimensions were not sufficient.

Three print attempts with magnets resting on tube openings

To do:
  • Resize components
  • Reprint
  • Test + Evaluate hanging tubular compass
  • Redesign, Rebuild, + Repeat

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