2015-02-16 (M) ESPeri.Impass

An idea for the next compass tube was conceptualized. The basic concept was the have a cylinder in the bottom of the tube which had 3/4 of it's mass trimmed away like a pie then remove a cylindrical portion from the center as well. The next step would be to add an arrow on the base which indicated where the 1/4 pie was located inside. These would have been doable but unnecessarily difficult and time consuming.

First diagram

While sketching the first idea a simpler idea occurred. Instead of making a cylinder to fit inside the tube then cutting it away with two more pieces a simple cube could be added which would extend beyond the tube but that extension would act as a pointer instead of being trimmed away. A cylindrical piece would still be removed from the center to make room for the spinner's axle.

Top down view diagram for new spinner tube

To do:
  • Install larger bearing 
  • Cut/bend hanging bracket for spinner
  • Add direction arrow to base
  • Buy spongy material for spinner to land on
  • Design bottom for compass to land on
  • Test + Evaluate hanging tubular compass
  • Redesign, Rebuild, + Repeat

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