2015-02-20 (F) Weekly Summary

This week focused on the ESPeri.Impass. If you don't remember the name comes from combining the acrynym ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) with Peripheral then combing the words IMPlant and coMPASS This is meant to tell that the device will give a new sense related to the compass. There is a reason engineers don't get invited to advertising meetings.

There was some time spent with my 3D printer in Minnesota where I could change and test ideas on a whim and see them reflected almost immediately. The rest of the time I have been much too far away to print anything.

 Evolving shapes of the tube

Different tubes with magnets

While traveling I have been using OpenSCAD as a lightweight 3D drawing program. Some ideas I have had for the ESPeri.Impass were drawn over the week in anticipation of getting back to my printer. While drawing some other ideas came to me and drawings were refined. The tube design was refined nicely by adding a specially shaped "floor" which will hopefully cause a tap when facing north. The rest of the "floor" will be covered in a spongy material to damped the collision so no tap will be felt. The simple shape also provided an arrow on the outside to indicate which direction the frame is facing.

The shape of the "floor" in the  tube

External indicator arrow

One of the first designs for the ESPeri.Impass was a disc shaped design similar to a standard backpacking compass where the spinner can freely swing around. A suitable shape was made in OpenSCAD. Once the shell was made a lot of time was spent making different methods of holding the compass spinner. The first two designs were build around the idea of a compass spinner which would have supports built into it. The shape of the enclosure was modified so that small divots would hold the spinner in place.

 External view of a cone shaped  spinner holder

External view of a ellipsoid spinner holder

Internal view of the holder which used a divot

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