2015-02-22 (Su) ESPeri.Impass

The receptacles drawn previously were left in the program but commented out so they did not render. A new module was created which plugged the holes in the center of the enclosure halves and extended a cone from the plug. The purpose was to provide cones which could pinch a spinner in the center of the compass. The first picture was taken where the cone extends to the middle of the enclosure to demonstrate that the size of the cone can be changed like the second picture shows. The purpose to being able to change the height freely is so that copies can be modified easily as different spinners are introduced.

Maximum cone length

Modified cone length

Outside of enclosure

To do:
  • Design an enclosure with a cone to capture a spinner
  • Design spinner for spheroid compass
  • Design spinner mount for tubular compass
  • Install larger bearing 
  • Cut/bend hanging bracket for spinner
  • Buy spongy material for spinner to land on
  • Test + Evaluate hanging tubular compass
  • Redesign, Rebuild, + Repeat

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