2015-02-25 (W) Prismatic Stereoscopic Screen Viewer

The holes of the first mount design would be prone to collapsing when printed vertically. The wings of the first design would be impossible to print horizontally. The conclusion was to print the mount in three pieces. Those pieces would be assembled by simply stacking them. Glue would be an option but not necessary. Each of the pieces can be printed with no sagging and the final piece will have circular holes printed by drawing circles on top of circles rather than layering from the side.

Three part design

If glue were to be used it would be possible to print three copies of the same piece and glue them together but this would be slightly wasteful. This design is more complex but should form a rigid piece which doesn't need glue or finicky assembly instructions.

To do:
  • Redesign part for 3D printing
  • Print part
  • Test
  • Design part to attach to screen and hold prisms
  • Add lenses to prisms

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