2015-02-01 (Sa) Color/Touch + Sound

Thinking and planning for the mother-daughter board connector lead to an encouraging solution that the reserver order of the motherboard pattern was the desired order of the daughterboard pattern. This feature was added to the schematic but upon further contemplation it would not work since the IN and OUT pins of the lights are directional. They will not work in reverse.

 Daughterboard connector

Schematic so far

More research into the pin layout of the chip showed the chip can be rotated 180 degrees before installation to reverse the direction of data flow. This also reverses the power terminals so the cable between motherboard and daughterboard needs to apply power at the appropriate locations.

To do:
  1. Create circuit board
    1. Designate all components
    2. Design schematic of components
      1. mother-daughter board connectors
    3. Design layout for single layer board
  2. Make a parts list with links
  3. Order parts list
  4. Print circuit board
  5. Install components 
  6. Test + Verify
  7. Make all documentation public

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